The Homeless Bumblebee

The first edition of The Homeless Bumblebee was published by Friends of the Earth in November 2015. David Timms, Lead Bees Campaigner at Friends of the Earth at the time wrote:

“If we stand any chance of mending our damaged planet we must reach out to those who will have influence in future years. This is why The Homeless Bumblebee is so important. It is a beautifully presented story, but more than that, it is a way to engage with children on important environmental issues.”

David Greaves, the book’s author, said of his stunning first published work for children:

“I’ve always had a soft spot for bees. I love their bumbling, slightly comical movements – like clumsy little astronauts who haven’t quite mastered their rocket suits. And their peaceful droning is, for me, forever synonymous with long summer afternoons in the school holidays. I loved writing this story as I want to encourage others to help save these unsung heroes of the British countryside”. 

Danielle Callaghan, the outstanding illustrator of Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee, comments: 

“When creating the illustrations I took a lot of inspiration from the North Yorkshire countryside, where I grew up. I think it’s really important that children grow up knowing that bees are our friends, and that both humans and the planet can’t live without them. To be able to help with that education process has been wonderful.”                                                                       

“Children will buzz with delight at this lovely verse story of a child taking a bee on a journey to find a safe and beautiful place to make its home. Their quest will also gently provoke young readers into awareness of the human impact on the natural world.”  – Berlie Doherty, twice winner of the Carnegie Medal for Children’s Literature  

£1 of every copy sold of Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee is donated to Friends of the Earth.

ISBN: 978-1-9163609-2-1