Mr Snuffles’ Birthday

It’s Mr Snuffles’ birthday and his dream present is a basketful of his favourite tasty treat: truffles! But hunting through his woodland home, and visiting all his usual spots, Mr Snuffles discovers that there are no truffles to be found! Could it be that a truffle thief has got there first? And not only that but all the people he meets — from his old friend Mr Snorer, Gnaw and Gnawma the Snorey Boars, and Herbert the Hoggle and son, little hoglet Herby — seem to be all dressed up in their finest as if they’re going to a party which Mr Snuffles has not even been invited to!

Follow Mr Snuffles as he goes on the hunt through the wood for his favourite truffles in this beautifully illustrated new children’s classic! 

Empty-pawed, and feeling very sorry for himself, Mr Snuffles decides to call it a day. But, as he gets closer to home, he picks up a wonderful, unmistakable fragrance and the sound of merry-making. Will Mr Snuffles have truffles and fun on his birthday after all?

‘I’m not even sure where to start with Mr Snuffles’ Birthday; what an utterly beautifully written and stunningly illustrated book. The first day I received the book I dived straight in with Alfie who really enjoyed the story’. From beginning to end you will be captured by a nostalgic feeling. The illustrations remind me of Winnie the Pooh books and others from long ago. The story is funny and heart-warming, one you will love reading to your children at bedtime.’ – Cupcake Mumma

ISBN: 978-1-9163609-5-2