Praise for The Homesick Fox

I absolutely love this book. The illustrations are beautiful with so much colourful detail. The story is very poignant, we’ve all been stuck in places we don’t want to be, trying to find the courage to change our situation. The Fox does just that and the story ends on a positive note, a lesson for us all. The story is told in verse, but not the simple baby verse of early readers. This is much more subtle rhyming, but it flows easily. My grandchildren ( ages 6-10) all enjoyed reading this book and have asked for it a few times. A book to be enjoyed on many levels and one for the bookshelf.

Chris Woolfenden, A LoveReading Ambassador

When fox wanders into the unknown territory of the city and remains there, his loneliness and isolation encourage him to escape and rediscover his former life in the countryside. This is a beautiful book. The story-line may be simple but the sentiment is one that many will have shared at some stage in their lifetime. The artwork is simply exquisite; impeccable in colour and detail, it is a book that I would keep on a coffee table and delight in opening. Written in well-constructed rhyming prose, I enjoyed the variety in verb and adjectival use and the lively pace reflects the fox’s journey. This is not a book for children alone but one that many adults too would delight in receiving as a gift.

Val Rowe, Reader Reviewer, LoveReading4Kids

Praise for Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee

‘Children will buzz with delight at this lovely verse story of a child taking a bee on a journey to find a safe and beautiful place to make its home. Their quest will also gently provoke young readers into awareness of the human impact on the natural world.’  

Berlie Doherty, twice winner of the Carnegie Medal for Children’s Literature  

This is a charming story about a homeless bumblebee. It’s a lovely story, told in rhyme, and it’s beautifully illustrated. The story works on two levels: I read the story to my 4 year old granddaughter and she really enjoyed it although I think the issues raised were a bit too complex for a child of her age. However an older child would both enjoy the story and understand it on a deeper level. I think the issues raised are very important and this book raises them in an enjoyable and understandable way.

 Pauline Braisher, LoveReading Reader Reviewer

When Philippa discovers that a bee has lost its home due to a tractor ploughing up a meadow, she endeavours to find it a new habitat. Sadly each time she explores a possible location, she discovers that it is unsuitable due to human interference or damage. Eventually, however, she finds a farmer who has the perfect setting for bee to have a happy life. Told in rhyme, with bright and attractive artwork, this little book would be a good acquisition to the infant school library and a perfect gift for a young child. With £1 of each copy sold going to the Friends of the Earth charity, there is helpful information at the end of the book outlining the work of FOE and how we can support bees. 

Val Rowe, a LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

Praise for Mr Snuffles’ Birthday

This beautiful book is delightful. It’s rather old-fashioned in its presentation with really clear and colourful pictures which illustrate each action in the story. It tells of a wild boar in search of truffles. However, he can’t find any and when his other friends appear to be going to a birthday party, he wonders why he hasn’t been invited. Lots of visual and written clues for the children to follow and discover what is going on. It’s told in rhyming verse with some interesting and challenging language. Ideal to read to younger children and the illustrations provide plenty to discuss.

Chris Woolfenden, a LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

Mr Snuffles’ Birthday by David Greaves is a whimsical story with hand-drawn illustrations that are beautifully reminiscent of fairy tales of old… I could read this story aloud with ease and gusto to my own children or any of my Key Stage 1 classes and the language would be both engaging and interesting to spark questions and investigation. It would be a fast favourite and I would happily have it in pride of place in both a book shelf at home or a book corner in school. 

  Nikki Telling, LoveReading4Kids Reader Reviewer

…Mr Snuffles’ Birthday has all the qualities necessary to entertain children. The artwork is simply divine and the story is told at a good pace using carefully-chosen rhyme and rhythm. The characters are charming and have wonderful names such as Herbert the Hoggle with his wee hoglet Herby the Sproggle. This, together with the lively pace, makes it a perfect book for reading aloud and it would make an excellent gift.

Val Rowe, LoveReading4Kids Reader Reviewer

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